Impressions of Graduation 1998 ... from two points of view Alix Kennedy's Family of fun Where Colgate was, is and will be - Reunion 1998


Impressions of Graduation 1998
Three decades after his commencement, Garner Simmons '65 shares the experience with son Ryan '98

Hail Hunt Terrell
Chuck Beitz '70 spoke for generations of students during a farewell tribute honoring a beloved professor

A semester at SEA
Forsaking terra firma, Cathy Bozek '99 experienced life and learning on deck and in labs

Eating at the Edge
Students and trustees alike know the wonders of dining services, and we have recipes to share

Making dreams come true
Foundation for Excellent Schools, with Rick Dalton '71 at the helm, is dedicated to the quality of public education

A family of fun
Alexandra Kennedy '82 oversees a publishing enterprise that brings families together for happy activities

The big Katz at ESPN
Under the watchful eye of Howard Katz '71, the ESPN networks ambitiously record the global sports scene

Where Colgate was, is and will be
Reunion '98 drew "loving ones" back to the valley for an unforgettable weekend of memories


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