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Colgate owns the first dinosaur egg ever found.

President Neil Grabois at the Presidents' Club breakfast.

The Crusties opened the Thirteen's 55th anniversary concert.

Jim Sprague '32 applies the finishing touches.

Maroon Citation winners, first row from left, Van Don Williams '77, Daryl Swarts '72, Bruce Crum '72, Buzz Hewitt '42, Gerry Nordberg '57. Front row, from left, Jacques Theriot '57, Gordon Watson '62, Barry Feldman '62, Carol Dosdall '77, Fred Rohn '47, John MacLean '63 and Dave Buran '62.

Walt Fullam '32 takes a bow.

A Saturday night dance.

Distinguished alumni, from left, Bud Bain '67, Dick Kessler '52 and Pete Love '52.

Associate Professor of English Deborah Knuth and Jane Austen packed a Reunion College classroom.

Kids ruled at Youth Reunion.