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Gloria Borger

Mike Richman

Donald Shriver

Among the highlights of a weekend devoted to warm glows are the speakers who deliver, in addition to the commencement address, their own words of encouragement, perspective and inspiration. Gloria Borger '74, journalist and trustee, spoke at the Senior Day luncheon, concluding with three observations: "First; after this weekend, the quality of dorm food ceases to be a major concern of life. Second; everything costs more when you are the one who has to pay for it. And third, and perhaps most important, it's not who you know, it's whom you know."

Senior Class orator Mike Richman closed the program by recounting the past four years. As much performance art as speech, Richman's oration came with supporting actors and directions to Brussels and a chicken recipe taped under the tables at all 700 place-settings.

Donald Shriver Jr. from Union Theological Seminary preached the Baccalaureate sermon. "Here in my hand, I hold a bagful of good Chenango Valley dirt. Plenty of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, silicon and congealed sunlight in this little bag. The mystery is that every component of this dirt was apparently manufactured in the explosion of stars. Every atom in your and my bodies is billions of years old. Just as our very survival is linked to the fertility of this dirt, so our survival has been linked for aeons to the constitution of the universe. We are of such stuff as stars are made of. And stars are of such stuff as we are made of."

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