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Joining the Class of 1996 was a group of distinguished men and women recognized for their contributions and achievements. From left, Caroline Walker Bynum, Anthony S. Fauci, Amory Houghton, Jr., Jessye Norman, Burns W. Roper, Donald W. Shriver, Andy Rooney '42 H'86 and Van Smith '50
Each year at commencement the college presents honorary degrees recognizing he achievements of a select handful of individuals. Herewith, excerpts from President Grabois' citations for the Class of 1996.

Morris A. and Alma Schapiro Professor of History, Columbia University
Doctor of Letters
It has been written of you: "There are few historians of whom one can say that they have actually shifted the landscape of the writing of history in their own generation, but Bynum is one." . . . we are pleased to celebrate your contributions to the history of ideas . . .

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
Doctor of Science
. . . Your pioneering observations of human immune response have led to treatments for three formerly fatal diseases. Since AIDS was identified 15 years ago, you have been consumed with the effort to understand the virus. And when a vaccine is discovered, it will have been your work, in great measure, that will have brought us there . . .

U.S. Congressman, New York's 31st District
Doctor of Laws
You combine a businessman's acumen with the skills of a diplomat and the qualities of a good neighbor . . . You have forged relationships between government and industry that benefit all Americans . . . Throughout New York's Southern Tier you are known for your generous deeds and for fostering a renaissance of the arts . . .

Operatic Soprano
Doctor of Music
Through your recordings and broadcasts and performances in every major opera house and concert hall, you delight music lovers across the planet . . . Still you find time to aid those in need and to further the arts through your active involvement in a score of organizations . . .

Former Chairman of the Roper Organization
Doctor of Laws
For nearly half a century your public opinion polls gave voice to the sentiments of a nation . . . You refined curiosity to its highest level, finding creative ways for us to speak our piece, and in the process made life more interesting -- if predictable -- for all Americans . . .

President Emeritus of Union Theological Seminary
Doctor of Letters
When you retire from the faculty of Union Theological Seminary later this year you will have brought to a conclusion the formal portion of a distinguished ministry in the Presbyterian Church and in higher education . . .

Chairman, Ontario Corporation; Chairman Emeritus, Colgate Board of Trustees
Doctor of Laws
. . . We say Colgate prepares students for leadership . . . You are the realization of that promise . . . You have been a member of the Colgate Board since 1985 and its chairman since 1991 . . . What we are today -- which is one of the premiere liberal arts institutions in the land -- is due in large measure to your wisdom and guidance . . .

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