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January 2008

Poetry in motion

Joseph Poulson and Petra van Noort perform during Cloudless, created in celebration of the company's 20th anniversary. Cloudless is a series of short pieces that revolve around a shift in the nature of a personal relationship.
The renowned Susan Marshall & Company dancers performed their 20th anniversary production, Cloudless, in Brehmer Theater as part of their on-campus residency in November.

"I feel energized and connected to the arts at Colgate in a new way," said Editza Velazquez '11 as she walked away from an improvisational class with Susan Marshall & Company.

For Velazquez and her fellow classmates from Colgate's dance and theater communities, the renowned dance company's visit to campus in November provided a "unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."

More, including video features on the workshops and an interview with Marshall

Before their performance of Cloudless in Brehmer Theater, the company offered two master classes. Professional dancers encouraged students to stretch their artistic limits by reaching beyond traditional dance positions — much like the choreography in Cloudless.

"It reminded me how flexible I could be both physically and mentally," said Emily Rawdon '10, a dual theater and studio art major.

Susan Marshall noted that her visit to Colgate was just as gratifying for her: "It's lovely for us to be on campus because you actually interact with students. That's meaningful for me, to think young people can have a connection with my dancers."

Robert Dorf '80, who is managing director of the company, and Colgate's Institute for the Creative and Performing Arts were responsible for bringing them to campus. The institute was created in 2006 to enrich artistic experiences for Colgate students and the broader community. Its director, Mary Ann Calo, said that Marshall's visit "is a perfect example of how Colgate integrates the arts into the fabric of the university."

The cast of Cloudless (left to right) — Petra van Noort, Luke Miller, Joseph Poulson, Darrin Wright, and Kristen Hollinsworth — perform in Brehmer Theater. In Cloudless, common gestures — a touch, a nod, an embrace — are transformed into rich expressions of dance.

Following the performance of Cloudless in Brehmer Theater, Susan Marshall (center) and her dancers answer questions from the audience of about 250 students, faculty, and others from the central New York community. Lauren Harries '10 (right) helps Kate Newman install lights for Susan Marshall & Company's performance of Cloudless in Brehmer Theater. Harries was working on the stage set as part of her Stagecraft class.

Colgate students, along with two dancers (left) with Susan Marshall & Company, watch a routine during an improvisational master class in Ryan Studio. Students created their own dances based on techniques used by the company.

Francesca Gallo '11 (right) helps Susan Marshall & Company's Petra van Noort change costumes backstage during a rehearsal of Cloudless.

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