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Maggie O'Connor Behrens


This fall, Kim Kirkman Krueger got together with Leslie Nichols O'Brien. "We had dinner at her home in Northborough with the kids and watched the Red Sox. It's Soxtober! Leslie has 2 girls, Ally is in 10th grade and Erin is in 6th." Soxtober is all fine and dandy unless you're an Indians fan. Kim is working again after a 10-year break to raise children. She works from home as a development officer for Colby C. Gina Galli Behnfeldt is working for the NJ Economic Development Authority. She has been with the agency for nearly 10 years, doing a wide variety of things but always involved in new financial product development and urban economic development. In April 2005, Gina married Steven, and in June 2007 gave birth to a beautiful little boy, Nathaniel. The happy family lives in Lawrenceville, NJ. Congrats, Gina!

Dave Engel wrote, "Count me one of your many fans." This is amazing because 1st year I aggravated Dave to the point that he wanted to hurl me out the Andrews' lounge window. And now he is one of my "many fans." This also must mean I have many fans! Anyway, back to Dave. He has a PhD from Berkeley and after spending several years at Penn State in the classics dept (not a surprise for those of us in Andrews tutored by him for GNED exams) he now is with Morgan Stanley on a team that manages money for retirement plans, corps, and wealthy families. "In 1998 I married Francesca Coppelli (UC Berkeley 1994, Pitt Med 2003), and we live in Philly with our daughters, Margaux (4 going on 14) and Madeline (3 mo), and Lolita, the world's sweetest golden retriever. Francesca is in the final year of residency in internal medicine at the UPenn. Life is busy, but life is good."

Greg Evangelist forwarded a link to a news story about Flenner Linn. It's a very nice story and has a photo of Flenner. The years were good to him.

Mike Buchanan e-mailed me: "I don't know how you deal with corrections and omissions, but it was my understanding that Mike Belden himself was driving Scott Yaw's kids' Barbie car on the Conshohocken Expressway. I may be wrong, but it was on the Philly news channels for weeks. My nephew goes to Villanova, as did my niece, and they have seen a lanky graying man driving on the Main Line in a pink plastic car with a doctor's smock and a Colgate sticker on the back shouting at the college kids in an upstate NY accent." Dr Belden reports this is true, saying "It's great on gas, and no worries about speeding!"

Thanks all who e-mailed me with news. Happy 2008!


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