The Colgate Scene
January 2007

The Facebook effect

I spent my summer working as a waitress, lounging on the beach, and spending adequate hours stalking (I mean, scoping out) my future classmates via

This social networking website had a unique effect on the Class of 2010 as we embraced the online community in a friend-request frenzy before arriving on campus. Countless hours of profile-viewing gave me, and the rest of my classmates, the ability to become acquainted with probable friends, possible rides home, and potential significant others. In short, Facebook enabled us to meet and greet without actually meeting.

Not all of my pre-Colgate encounters instigated through Facebook were solely virtual. Organized through the "Events" option, several girls invited all those in the tri-state area to meet in New York City for a pre-Colgate rendezvous. Although my mom found it rather strange that I was hanging out with friends that I met online (What if this was a meeting of Internet predators?!), it ended up being a great way to break the ice.

Throughout orientation, as I encountered "friends" from this website in person for the first time, it was rather strange to recognize someone I had never met before yet realize that I knew not only her first name, but that she, too, has an affinity for Harry Potter and word jumbles.

Luckily, we all have made the much-needed transition from Internet acquaintances to actual friends; however, Facebook remains to be a captivating source of procrastination and socialization. With the ability to keep in contact with friends from home or share inside jokes with friends down the hall, I can't imagine the college social scene without it. — Brittany Messenger '10

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