The Colgate Scene
January 2005

Leisure time, trends*

Most popular book read for pleasure
The Da Vinci Code
Favorite current TV shows
The OC, Law & Order, West Wing, Family Guy, Simpsons
Spare time/hobbies
Working out/running/sports; listening to/playing music; video games (males), dancing (females); hanging out with friends
When stressed out, how do you unwind?
Work out/run/walk 22%
Hang out with friends 19%
Watch TV/movie 19%
Nap 13%
Play video games  9%
Cell phones
96% of those asked own one
Person they call most frequently
Friend 52%
Parents 21%
Times per week they talk to parents
3-7 times 88%
1-2 times 12%
Boyfriend/girlfriend 21%
Role models
Parent 37%
Famous person 15%
(professional athlete, musician, political figure)
None 15%
Grandparent/other family member 14%
2004 Election
93% of those asked voted; 3% were too young to vote

*Most popular answers, from several informal surveys conducted on campus fall 2004

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