The Colgate Scene
January 2005

Generational contrasts* by birth year
  Traditionalists (1900-45) Baby Boomers (1946-64) Generation X (1965-81) Millennials (1982-)
Significant historical events Two world wars, Great Depression Vietnam, Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations, lunar landing Reagan/Lennon shootings, Challenger, fall of the Soviet Union
Growing up/everyday life Sunday dinner, Mom at home, chores without pay, saving money for special things Meals together, church, two-parent family, discipline Family dinner, balance of strict and free Takeout, busy schedules, two income or divorced parents
Influential entertainment Books, storytelling, church, radio shows, bands and Westerns Disney, Elvis, Beatles, Bonanza, Lassie, rock-n-roll FM, Little House on the Prairie, Brat Pack, Michael Jackson, E.T., Star Wars, Atari Nintendo/XBox, Hip-hop/ ap/R&B, Jurassic Park, teen magazines, Simpsons
Cutting-edge technology Indoor plumbing, farm technology, radio, washing machine, icebox, telephone Transistor radio, TV, Polaroid camera, 8-track, pantyhose, microwaves Dishwasher, cable TV, PCs, contact lenses, answering machine, remote control Cell phone, laptops, Instant Messenger, hybrid cars

*Compiled from a brainstorming session at a Millennial Generation workshop for staff members in fall 2004.

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