The Colgate Scene
January 2005

Move over, "Inky." There's a new "new faces" book in town., a website for college students that launched last February, has become not only a way for new students to introduce themselves to their campus communities, but also a tool to communicate with friends, make new ones, and "scope out" members of the opposite sex.

As of early November, more than 2,000 Colgate students, and perhaps recent grads, had posted their photographs and profiles on the site and formed special interest subgroups, such as Gamma Phi, East Hall, and the "popped collar league." Many students report using the site daily, as part of their e-mail-checking routine.

One quirky feature allows members to "poke" their buddies with a friendly "hello" in cyberspace, through e-mail ("You've been poked by Jenny"), or through their cell phones.

"Facebook" is not only a noun; it's also a verb, as in: "I facebooked my blind date for the formal."

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