The Colgate Scene
January 2002



In words and images -- almost always printed black on white -- John Hubbard has been bringing color to the Scene for 22 years. His stories and photographs have breathed life into the college and its people for the Scene's readers, who, in a real sense, have seen Colgate through his eyes.

Among the many memories I have from working alongside John for 20 of those 22 years, one that seems especially poignant at this moment was covering the founding of the Alumni of Color organization 15 years ago. Over a weekend at the Schomberg Center and Riverside Church in New York City, we heard graduates of color speak candidly and eloquently about their Colgate experiences, and pledge to be resources for one another, for undergraduates, and for the college. Even today, John's candid portraits from that weekend lend great power to the compelling words of those who took part. - Jim Leach, assistant to the president, secretary of the Board of Trustees

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