The Colgate Scene
January 2002




John Hubbard is so much a part of the fabric of Colgate, and so seamless in plying his trade, that it is often difficult to think of his particular actions, photographs or articles.

Most recently, I remember John's personal and professional presence at two emotionally charged chapel events.

The first was at reunion this past May, when alumni of my generation gathered in the chapel to remember the 20-some Colgate sons who gave their lives for America in the Vietnam War. It was a day of total catharsis of pent-up emotions which encompassed both Colgate and its alumni and which had been bottled up inside so many Colgate men since that tragic decade some 30 years ago. I sensed that John Hubbard was both a participant and a reporter there.

Four months later, we were back in the chapel for an especially moving memorial service for the nearly 20 Colgate-related Americans who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks of September 11. Similarly, I sensed John was there both personally and professionally.

On a brighter note, John has been ubiquitous as the chronicler of record for so many Colgate events. (I have many of his candids and portraits in my collection, as well as dogeared copies of articles he has composed!) As an inferior, but zealous, amateur photographer myself, I marvel at John's ability to capture new and moving images of Colgate, its people and the surrounding village, town and Chenango Valley.

Colgate is indeed fortunate that John Hubbard is taking on new challenges and responsibilities and remaining with our wonderful institution! - John Golden '66, chair, Board of Trustees

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