The Colgate Scene
January 2002




It is simply amazing how Hubbs, after all this time, captures images of the Colgate and Hamilton communities that are continually vibrant, intriguing and absorbing despite the static nature of his subject.

Hubbs displays warmth, wit and empathy to each subject of his photo-essays in a way that conveys the mutual experience and recollection of Colgate staff, student or alum. On a monthly basis, his work in the Scene warms all that it reaches by showing that as much as the face of Colgate may change, the essential elements of being a part of life there doesn't. For being the portal and voice of that continuity, John Hubbard has become a Colgate icon. After all, what mental image of a Colgate event or crystalline Chenango afternoon is complete without a camera-laden, ballcapped Hubbs nearby?

As a nearly lifelong friend of John and his family, and the recipient of his generous support and sage counsel since 1979, it is a genuine privilege to understand the commitment and perspective Hubbs brings to his photographs and writing.

Indeed, it is a privilege to all of us who hold Colgate, as well as John's appreciation for quality in life, dear. - Stephen Byk '82, president of TPK-7 Marketing, Inc.

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