The Colgate Scene
January 2002




John Hubbard. That almost says it all.

For many alumni and friends of the university, the name John Hubbard is nearly synonymous with Colgate. John's association with the university began when he arrived on campus in the Class of 1972. He has been a member of Colgate's communications staff since 1979, first as a writer/photographer, then as assistant director and associate editor of the Scene, and, since 1996, as the Scene's managing editor. For more than 20 years, his images and words have graced a wide variety of Colgate publications. And in no small sense, those images and words have defined the university.

No, he isn't leaving; he's seizing something new. John has been promoted to director of development communications in the Division of University Relations. He is charged with helping to coordinate and oversee all publications, newsletters, videos and photography related to Colgate's fundraising and alumni affairs activities.

"John has meant so much to Colgate for so many years, capturing the college in spectacular images and touching so many through his articles in the Scene and in other publications," said Murray Decock '80, associate vice president for de-velopment, "and now we are thrilled to have him take on this important new role for our division."

We thought this would be an appropriate moment and venue for reflecting on John's contributions to the Scene. As you look at his pictures and read the words on these pages, you'll have no trouble understanding why he will be missed on this side of Oak Drive.

Jane Pinchin: "How to speak about John Hubbard's photographs?"
John Golden: "John Hubbard is so much a part of the fabric of Colgate..."
Bob Tyburski: "Not only do John Hubbard's photographs say more than 1,000 words..."
Jim Leach: "...John Hubbard has been bringing color to the Scene for 22 years"
Jim Himoff: "John has always had the touch to make the common special and the special exquisite"
Stephen Byk: "Hubbs...captures images of the Colgate and Hamilton communities that are continually vibrant, intriguing and absorbing"
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