The Colgate Scene
January 2002
Volume XXX  Number 4

Proceeding with care
Venice research, international style
Scientists from various disciplines collaborate to save a sinking city

Focusing on the other Europe
Peace comes fitfully to a war-ravaged land and Colgate people are helping

    on the go
  Around the
The mind of a scientist, the heart of a teacher
Professor Brian Shelley '81 returned to campus to lecture and reminisce

The next step
A tumbling economy and uncertain future makes career choices especially challenging

Chaos or community?
A Muslim on campus, Professor Omid Safi reflects on how Sept. 11 has changed us all

Jon Kaufman has got the button
Selling buttons or performers, Jonathan Kaufman '91 is hustling
Solar and computer systems
Loretta Skeddle '95 keeps the Hayden Planetarium show running

For many alumni and friends of the university, the name John Hubbard is nearly synonymous with Colgate
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