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January 2000
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The Skating 'Gate
by John D. Hubbard
Charlotte Hennigar '00 grew up playing hockey, but her singing was pretty much confined to the shower after practice.

     Today, she is one of the few holdovers from the varsity sport's club days, as well as a member of the Swinging 'Gates.

     "I was a typical jealous little kid," said Hennigar. "I had to do everything my brothers did." That meant playing hockey as the only girl on her teams for the first five years.

     Hennigar came to Colgate to play soccer but decided to stick with hockey after her first year.

     "The level of play has increased every season and the numbers have increased, too. The team used to be mostly former figure skaters. Now there are girls coming in from New England prep schools. Hockey has come a long way."

     It's become more fun, too. Last year the team, with 16 first-year players (including All-America Heather Murphy '02), went 16-5-2, and this season there is a new coach, Ted Wisner.

     "It's about team and teamwork and having a group of people who understand what you're going through and go through the same things in pursuit of goals." The feeling applies not just on ice but to the Swinging 'Gates, as well.

     Hennigar tried out for the 'Gates as a sophomore after seeing an audition poster that posed a question she could answer affirmatively. "Do you like to sing in the shower?"

     "I forgot the words to my audition song twice and ended up singing `Happy Birthday.'" Whatever. It worked and Hennigar the hockey player sometimes hears Hennigar the Swinging 'Gate singing on a taped version of the National Anthem before games.

     Hockey and the 'Gates provide timeouts from Hennigar's academic load. "Hockey is a chance to focus for two hours. 'Gates rehearsal is time to have fun for two hours."

     An art and art history major whose thesis deals with repatriation of art objects taken from India during the colonial period, Hennigar has learned time management. "I like to procrastinate, but I don't waste that ten minutes now, and meals tend to be microwavable."

     In addition to forechecking and going hard to the net, Hennigar is also doing the artwork and production for an upcoming Swinging 'Gates CD.

     The daughter of Dr. Grant Hennigar '70, Charlotte calls him the "biggest fan," and he has plenty to cheer about both on ice and on the stage.

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