As Colgate alumni we share great pride in alma mater. Our college continues to grow in national prominence and graduate men and women who will be the leaders of tomorrow. Colgate's many achievements are enhanced by your commitment and devotion.

Sometimes it is difficult to measure alumni loyalty. While we continue to strive to increase the percent of alumni giving to the college, last year's 52% rate puts us in the upper echelon of college fundraising efforts. And each year thousands of our alumni attend more than 250 club events and return to the Chenango for Reunion, Homecoming and athletic contests.

But beyond this visible show of support, the success of the college is due in large measure to those who devote countless hours as volunteers: some 70 class editors for the Scene, more than 150 leaders of regional club and alumni programs, 500 admission volunteers, 1,500 Annual Fund and Campaign fundraisers, and 3,000 consultants in our career network. These are impressive numbers, and our heartfelt thanks go out to you for keeping the Colgate spirit alive throughout the world and for strengthening the bonds of the Colgate community.

A reminder to you in the classes of '26, '31, '36, '41, '46, '51, '56, '61, '66, '71, '76, '81, '86 and '91 that 1996 is your special reunion year. Plans are well under way and we promise to make this the best reunion ever. The program offers something for everyone. It is rich and varied with more than 30 Reunion College events to augment the weekend's social activities.

Registration materials will be mailed the first of February to the reuning classes. If you are not in a reuning class and would like to return as a Perennial, please call the alumni office (315-824-7433) for a registration packet.

And don't hesitate to contact the office with ideas for alumni activity. We enjoy hearing from you. Jeff, Kathy, Brenda and Vicky join me in wishing you a wonderful 1996. We look forward to continuing old friendships and forming new ones in the coming year.

Director of Alumni Affairs