Frequently Asked Questions

What events do I need to attend? When do I need to arrive on campus?
 All events are optional, for your convenience. Most families arrive mid day, Saturday.

Future Commencement Dates
May 20th 2007
May 18, 2008
May 17, 2009
May 16, 2010

What is the “dress code”?
There is no dress code for events, but a simple guide would be what you are comfortable in, especially your footwear (walking to events).

How long does the ceremony last?
Commencement runs from approximately 1:30-4:00 p.m. You can make plans to get “on the road” accordingly after that.

What if it rains?
In case of rain, it will be decided by 11 a.m. whether to move the ceremony indoors to Sanford Field House. Seating* cannot be guaranteed for more than five guests per graduating senior or graduate student. This decision will be available in James B. Colgate Hall Lobby, at the check-in desk for the Brunch, or by calling 228-7425. Rainy day tickets will be distributed to seniors through the Dean of the College’s office starting May 8.

* Faculty are seated in the first six (6) rows across the two center sections. Graduates sit behind the faculty: A-K on the left; L-Z on the right (facing the stage). The Procession will arrive from the rear and split into these two alphabetical groups. A-K graduates march down the left aisle, turning  right in the row of seats. L-Z graduates follow the Platform Party and faculty and march down the center aisle, turning right into the row of seats.

To process for their degree, graduates rise by rows, exit to the right, approach the platform on the right, walk across to receive diploma and exit on the left to return to their seat.

The recessional will exit up the center aisle.

Is there handicapped parking?
Yes, the handicap parking is between Lawrence and Lathrop Hall for the Chapel events and “the Circle” for Commencement. If you need special drop-off arrangements, see a Campus Safety Officer for assistance.  View the campus map for more details.

Do you provide wheelchairs?
No, you would need to make those arrangements individually with a local agency.

On campus housing/keys
Seniors are instructed to pick up keys for guests from Residential Life the Wednesday-Friday before the weekend. Confirmation of room reservations will go out May 1st.

Do we need to bring our own linen?
No, linens are provided in the on-campus housing.

Can we get additional tickets?
Meal tickets – Yes - at the Sodexho Office located in Frank Dining Hall. Also check there for lost ticket assistance.

Concert tickets – No, Seniors pick up (after May 8) and are allotted tickets based on fire code safety. IF there are leftover tickets they will be available at the door, first-come, first-serve.

Indoor/Rainy Day alternative tickets: No, Seniors pick up (after May 8) are allotted tickets based on fire code safety. Any leftover tickets will be available at the door, first-come, first-serve. Other guests can view the ceremony on the big screen at the Brunch location. (The decision to move indoors is made Sunday morning at 11 a.m. Otherwise, the ceremony is outdoors.)

What is the meal ticket refund policy?
If you have purchased tickets for either meal, but your son or daughter made alternate plans, you may request a refund. Tickets must accompany refund requests and must be made no later than May 1st to Susan Huff, Sodexho Food Service.

What is the on-campus housing refund policy?
Cancellation requests, for full refunds, must be received before Friday, April 28th, 2019.

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